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Youth, adult, and semi-pro basketball leagues and teams

The Community Basketball Leagues (CBL) is a professional basketball company for amateur and recreational players. The CBL is a nationwide league that promotes basketball development, health and wellness, life skills education and business stewardship to the 30 million players within the United States.

The CBL is the fastest growing amateur based basketball company in the United States and we are expanding into 600 cities across the United States. Don't miss the opportunity to play in this unique league and become a part of the great things that we are doing in communities across the US. This league is designed for all levels and ages of players. Let's face it... some of you just love to play, some of you just want to stay in shape, and some of you may want to play on the next level, college or pro.

Whatever your reason for playing, we can guarantee you that the Community Basketball Leagues can answer your need for playing. Here are some reasons why you should be a part of our leagues:

3 Reasons To Play in the CBL:

  • All players get equal playing time
  • CBL leagues are structured like a professional basketball league and are professionally managed
  • We have youth leagues, adult leagues, and a semi-pro league, also know as the CBL E League

3 Reasons To Be a Fan of the CBL:

  • The CBL will offer great family fun and entertainment
  • The CBL will offer lots of giveaways and contest prizes for the fans
  • The CBL league games low admission price

3 Reasons To Be a Sponsor of the CBL:

  • 30 million amateur basketball players in the United States marketplace
  • CBL sponsorship products generate guaranteed website traffic for your business
  • CBL can help increase your company's brand presence, lead generation, and sales!

Other highlights of playing in the CBL...

  • Play in front of a crowd every night
  • Attend great life skills seminars and workshops
  • Players can trade with other teams
  • Dunks are worth 3 points
  • Each city has player stats and power rankings are on their CBL websites
  • Certified game officials and AAU/NCAA certified coaches for youth leagues
  • League bylaws and game rules creates fairness for all players
  • All CBL players get equal playing time
  • Peers and fans vote for East and West All-Star teams (adult leagues)
  • We send out invitations to college and professional basketball scouts
  • Adult league players will be eligible to play on the CBL semi-pro teams
  • Post season league awards and recognition banquets
  • And much, much more!!!

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